about us...

Our experience

Ebb & Flow Flower Co. was founded by business partners and mother, daughter, Lisa and Dhani in 2014. Lisa trained at Pearson's School of Floristry and is a qualified Florist, which she completed after a career in Finance. Dhani combines her skills gained from a course in Jewellery and Object Design at Enmore Design Centre with a marketing and event background. The pair have recently completed events at venues such as Dunbar House, Watson's Bay; Banjo Patterson Cottage, Gladesville and Victoria’s at Ewingsdale, Byron Bay.

Our philosophy

An appreciation of flowers, gardening and nature, passed on by our beloved Mother and Grandmother respectively, has shaped our lives and kept us connected to our family, our childhood, and our memories. We approach every commission with this in mind, and understand the emotional connection and depth of symbolism that even the humblest of flowers can bestow. 

We respect the ebb and flow of nature and when selecting flowers, seasonal and locally grown are always our first choice - after all, Mother Nature is boss! We believe the best flowers for your event are the ones that are in season. When planning your event, we are here to advise you on availability and can help you decide when to time your event, for example if you've always dreamed of having a bouquet of peonies we suggest planning a November/December wedding, as they are only in bloom in Australia for these two months of the year.

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and aim to reduce environmental impacts, which is why we choose Australian grown produce wherever possible. For example, we avoid imported roses that have been cultivated purely for their perceived perfection and longevity, often at the expense of the scent. Aside from the undeniable fact that scent is what attracts a bee to a rose in order to pollinate, fragrant blooms also add a non-visual and sensory element that not only supports our philosophy but also reflects an age old belief in the symbolism of flowers. 

When a fragrant flower like a rose loses its scent, it has lost the thing that makes it a rose
— Amy Stewart, Flower Confidential